Guerrilla Clay

Clay, Site, Edge, Install, Glimpse.

A series of installations, interventions and workshops in Northumberland National Park to engage communities, residents and visitors. Instigated by Northumberland National Park and The Sill

Guerrilla clay comes from ideas of sharing clay artworks with the world in an anonymous way. Making artworks and placing it in public spaces for strangers to appreciate. It is interested in ‘edgelands’ the spaces on the periphery of everyday lives and how these spaces can provide opportunity to make and install artworks, surprising and intriguing an unsuspecting audience. This project has involved working with community groups to make the art but also relies on the public to document and share the artworks. Creating a conversation about Northumberland and the many facets it has.

Clay is an amazing material to work with, raw it disintegrates back into the landscape and disappears. Fired it presents itself as a permanent record of making, it documents life and ancient shards are still found in the landscape today. Ceramic objects are familiar, they resonate ideas about domestic and home.

This project was instigated by Northumberland National Park and The Sill and was implemented by artist Megan Randall, alongside community groups and makers.